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BUNNIE RIVERA  - Trained with Karen LaVoie


Suburgatory (TV Series) – Carmen (15 episodes, 2012–2014) currently working.

         In the year 2013 LAVOIE students
landed over 53% of the jobs they auditioned for!

JAMES SWEET rep. by AFG - 310-413-5745


The Librarians:: Episode # 1 :: speaking role - Adel.

Z Nation :: Guest Star

PORTIA JONES rep. by AFG - 310-413-5745


5 Kroger commercials as a Principle role.

BETO ANGULO rep. by AFG - 310-413-5745


LEVERAGE :: Speaking role :: Cop

ASHLEY STROM rep. by AFG  :: 310-413-5745 ASHLEY STROM :: Principle role in Kroger commercial and supporting in industrial project that has not released so not able to mention the name.
KIM FAIRBARIN rep. by AFG:: 310-413-5745 KIM FAIRBAIRN :: The list goes on forever. But most recently, awarded BEST ACTRESS by the judges at the ADRENALINE Film Festival.

LAVOIE students are making their way to LA!






"I just want to thank you again for a fantastic seminar. I am so excited to get out and nail my next audition. The lightbulb went on in the first two hours of the seminar. I stopped acting and started feeling and being. " -Kelly Jo Horton


Dreams DO Come True - A True Story of Two LAVOIE Students

LA, we’re HERE… We Are Home!

Those were the EXHILLIRATING words of Connie and Erick Custodio when their plane landed at the Burbank, California airport and the momentum continues!!!

I am thrilled to say as Connie and Erick’s acting coach and Life Success Coach they are on a roll. After two years of preparing to move to LA on June the journey began to see if they would cut the mustard, stand up to the “competition and demand” of LA.

Not only did they stand up to it…they raised the bar. Erick and Connie shined! They are the LAVOIE ELITE. As their coach I had a full two weeks of meetings, workshops, auditions, interviews and appointments lined up for them. Now, this could be rewarding or a disaster…what if one of them did not make the cut and could not attend the workshops? All actors must audition and be accepted in...many have failed. What if one of them or both of them crumbled under the pressure? These where the questions I put before them before taking off to LA…what if?

Now, I am a firm believer in being POSTIVE!!! However, as a coach it is my responsibility to ask the what if questions. Both of them agreed, “no matter what the outcome of the two week trip it would be life changing and a great lesson and experience…moving to LA is our dream…let’s see if we are ready…we FEEL ready!!!” Of course I knew that they were ready…but they had to believe it and BE IT!

So off we went to LA and WOW! did the doors of opportunity fly open!!! All the preparation paid off!!!  Here is what Connie and Erick have to say. …(there is a stretch in LA called Miracle Mile we drove almost every day)

  The Miracle Mile by Erick Custodio

One would think it to be “just” a two week trip to L.A. Connie and I felt so strongly that it would be a life changing two weeks as we held our breath when the plane touched down on the Bob Hope airport runway. The wheels squealed and we exhaled saying, “We’re home.”
Two years ago I walked in to Karen’s Saturday workshop not knowing at the time that this energetic, positive, spiritual whirlwind of a woman would help me realize my dreams. Expecting to focus totally on acting it came as a surprise when Karen had us work on goal setting. What does this have to do with acting? Walking off that plane under the warm California sun we knew then that it had everything to do with acting.

Everything we talked about, prayed about, prepared for and even dreamed about for two years happened in a matter of a week. To see those words written down when we thought it was just an exercise at the time come to life right before our eyes was absolutely amazing.

Karen’s keen understanding of the fact that talent alone can take you so far and that business savvy is a necessary tool for success in the industry helped us get to where we are now. Not only were we ready to perform in the L.A. market but we were ready to do business in the L.A. market.

We made some awesome discoveries on our trip. Actually, Karen has been telling us these things for a long time and it still amazed us to hear it for ourselves. Casting directors want you to succeed. They are thrilled to be able to say they gave someone their SAG card. To feel that support bolstered our confidence in a major way. Another thing is that hard work DOES pay off. So many people will try to steal your dreams only because theirs were not realized.

We may have the talent, we may know the business, but without God the success could not have come about. That is a very special thing Karen brings to our acting. You have to have a Source that all this comes from. You can set goals and you can work on your emotions. It is equally important to ask, to accept with gratitude and to expect these things to happen. That is the key. And that is what we did for two years.

In the course of a few weeks, we wowed several casting directors and producers, I was offered a job promotion to work in L.A., and we were call out of the blue to house-sit for two months in L.A. We had a tremendous amount of fun and we are grateful for more to be had in our life in the City of Angels.

We would also like to thank Karen for everything she has done and for seeing where we would be while we were struggling to get there. Miracles do happen. You just have to thank God for them. -Ercik Custodio

Yes, anything is possible with the right acting classes, mentor, preparation, life coaching and faith in God. Erick and Connie officially live in Burbank, CA. I am still their acting coach and Life Coach…I have my business set up that way…students are given coaching for as long as the desire is there!


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