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"Karen taught me to achieve far beyond my perceived limitations"
-Angela Myers: LA Actress - Dog Eat Dog


"I learned more in LAVOIE'S 8 hour seminar than I have in
all the classes I have taken combined together!"
-Joshua Burson:Programmed Love-Supporting,
The Missed Detail-supporting
and the Ring 11








“You Already ARE Enough. Start There!...

I’m Karen LaVoie- actress, author, and life skills coach and mentor. That last part – life skills – is far more important than you might imagine; I deal with the spiritual constantly throughout my course in "Mastering Your Acting" . Get in touch with me and order my course. Then pay attention as we (Yes, We! Remember, I’ll be your coach AND mentor) …as WE work through the course! Let me say it one more time. My students enjoy a 46% rate of audition to hire ratio. Re-read that last sentence, please. Forty-Six percent!!! The industry standard is 2%.

I created "Mastering Your Acting" for YOU. Man! Woman! Child! If you attach the name Actor to yourself everywhere but at the bank loan department, I made this course of study just for you. Your Welcome. Now, learn, grow, do!"




Here’s a little nugget of hard earned wisdom for you.

“Good Acting isn’t Acting.” Karen LaVoie


"Karen LaVoie’s classes
to being equipped with the excellent foundation, technique
and confidence to pursue my career in LA.”

- Bunnie Siler: LA Actress - co-star E.R. & The Shield

“An Actor is someone who has the guts to keep turning the pages of Experience.” -Karen LaVoie

An Actor is a risk-taker. But, there are stupid risks and good risks that open the mind and soul.

A very stupid risk is to approach the craft of acting without training. And yet, so many people with nothing more than a Headshot and a resume feel confident, if not entitled, to “wing” it.

We have a journey before us, you and I. Why are we waiting to start on it?

In the time it’s taking you to vacillate, I guarantee you’re losing jobs that are profitable and fun!


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