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I know from experience that the students in my class will learn how to grow and prosper in the real world. I teach The LAVOIE Technique ~'The Art of Emoting'. This technique shows individuals, with their unique personalities and bodies, that it is more than all right to be themselves. All successful people have learned this and capitalize from their strengths and weaknesses.

A person, in order to succeed, in any field requires better communication skills, confidence, self-worth and better job interviewing skills. They also require reassurance, challenges, the right to learn and accomplish, especially in the impressionable years. People rarely have a forum to open up and really share emotions, dreams and fears --acting is that medium. Acting is where people can safely explore who they are without judgment and find out they’re not alone ...This builds confidence.

When a person feels confident they are willing and eager to learn more and apply themselves! I nurture my students, support them, share my positive energy, compassion and a hunger for knowledge on a professional level. Whether for fun, personal development, public speaking or an acting career this is for you!


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