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Young and The Restless ...    "Singles"...     Coors...    Discover Card...     Coors Light...    General Hospital...      Nestles Toll House Cookies...   Queen of Hearts...    Divorce Court...     Mountain Dew...    Taco Bell  ...just to name a few

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LAVOIE Students

Mastering Your World

Event Calendar

Event Calendar

  "Mastering Your Acting" 8 classes

“ Mastering Your Acting ”
Time: 7-9pm - Wednesday

Accelerates YOUR acting ability and gives YOU that extra edge in YOUR CONFIDENCE, auditions and performances.

This is where you start your mastery. "Mastering Your Acting"- covers the mentioned tools at "Getting Started"

Includes 8 classes consectutivel, once a week.

Special Price of $160
that is only $20 a class!

up to 4 payments accepted  -   cash or credit cards accepted

Price: $160   




Please feel free to call in your cards accepted
1(310)717-3300 or (503)244-0801

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