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The Friday Review
By: Ellananne Greotz
July 17, 2004

Interviewed: LA Talent Agency
..."Mastering Your Acting" ...ACTING ABSOLUTES
workbook is a gold mine... and so is Karen LaVoie's personal coaching...Mastering Your Acting~The LAVOIE technique -The Art of Emoting. Our clients have more then tripled their bookings in the last year. The industry standard is around a 2% conversion...our talent is now booking at least 50% of their auditions.

Why is the Karen LaVoie's -LAVOIE program so successful? It teaches the fundamentals of acting masterfully. Not only that, it takes the actor into advanced acting techniques with ease and simplicity! My clients are delivering kick @#! performances!

Why spend years trying to be a working actor when the LAVOIE program trains actors to work while they are training. Stop wasting time, energy and money on expensive rip off acting schools or programs when you can work with a professional, genuine, passionate coach that gives more than any coach I know in the business and Karen knows her stuff!"

"Hey just thought you should know. I learned all I know from you." - Audrey Walker

Out of Focus -Supporting
Cymbeline -Supporting
The Barkeep -Supporting
Everyman -Supporting
The Memorial Counselor -Featured
S.A.G. -Supporting (2 roles)
Mr. Right -Lead
Obvious Puns Aside -Lead

Rough Crossing -Lead
High School Days - MTV -Featured
Villains -Recurring

New Tradition Homes -Principal

Microsoft Industrial Digital Kitchen

all this in less than a year

“Karen LaVoie’s classes took me from knowing nothing to being equipped with the excellent foundation, technique and confidence to pursue my career in LA.”
- Bunnie Siler: LA Actress - co-star E.R. & The Shield


"Karen taught me to achieve far beyond my perceived limitations"
-Angela Myers: LA Actress - Dog Eat Dog


"You know, God puts people in your life for a reason and I'm glad your in mine.  Your great and it's a breath of fresh air for me to have you as my acting coach. Someone who can be honest and real.  I felt so good driving home, like on top of the world and it was because you helped me release what was hiding inside me... thanks!" - Lisa Espinoza

Les Swab commercial
, Nearing Grace-Driver, Portland Cable Media-Co Host, Magdalene Valley Soap-Attorney, Wilson Sporting Goods, Nautilus-Principal, Shotgun for Mary, Unremembered, Caught in the Act-Stand In.



"I learned more in LAVOIE'S 8 hour seminar than I have in all the classes I have taken combined together!"
-Joshua Burson
Programmed Love-Supporting
The Missed Detail-Supporting
Rough Crossing- Supporting
The Non-Believer-Speaking
Arbor Homes-Principle
I am Lloyd and
the Ring II


"Your class is enlightening and inspiring"
-Dorcas / Actress

"Actors will nail their auditions."
-LA Casting Director

"You truly are a gifted teacher...actors make this movie and you taught most of them."
-John Howbrook: Director - Queen Of Hearts



Suicide PreventionVideo-Principal
Strangehold Video-Supporting
Jonny Lang Video-Principle



"I just want to thank you again for a fantastic workshop. I am so excited to get out and nail my next audition. The lightbulb went on in the first two hours of the seminar. I stopped acting and started feeling and being. " -Kelly Jo Horton


"I always use your positive energy / focus techniques
in my work. It really works!
- Susan Moen: Actress
FILM: Decisions: Supporting, Crocker: Supporting
INDUSTRIAL VIDEO: Lexer/Platt: Principal/Lexer 1
COMMERCIAL: Satellite Cable: Feature
TV: Rough Crossing: Supporting
VOICE OVER: The History of Homosexuality: Narrator

"You ROCK! I feel so happy now that you showed me what acting really is...Emoting and having Fun!"
-Chris Hogan: Actor & Writer - White Trash


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