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DYNAMIC, On-Camera techniques used by Oscar Winning Actors!



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Prerequisite workshop as a Private session includes 5 hours of coaching and workbook. ONLY $225. START NOW

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LAVOIE - Oscar Winning techniques!
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start video at 2:45 minutes... Sneak peek to what I offer as an artist inspirer.

LAVOIE“Mastering Your Acting” is one of the most well respected and recognized names in Hollywood and Portland. Established in 1990 by Karen LaVoie, LAVOIE, it  has been home to many working actors in Los Angeles and around the world

LAVOIE :: dedicated to the actor's whole journey Call NOW to Get Started :: 503-244-0801

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Gift Certificates Available :: Emailed as a PDF. Gift certificates are GREAT all year round. non-refundable.


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SERVICES: In Person, via Skype. Oregon-Worldwide

Classes taught at LAVOIE  Studio include the “Art of Emoting” , created by Karen, Character development and scene study resulting in “disappearing into the character”, Cold Reading, Improvisation,  Commercial Study and on set or on location memorized scene work – all ON-CAMERA.

Each student is mentored, thus guided step by step with an UP TO DATE SOLID viable acting career  plan that includes BRANDING and  marketing.  Since actors tend to sabotage their careers – Life Coaching is provided.

Coaching budding entertainers and experienced actors in the performing arts since 1990, the former Young and the Restless actress Karen LaVoie teaches the fundamentals of acting through the "Art of Emoting" technique and caps group acting classes at 15 students to maximize one-on-one training.

LAVOIE offers training year round for group acting classes, on-line via Skype or Google+or in person. She also Specializes in Public Speaking Mastery.

LAVOIE  also offers  training for the performing arts, via private acting lessons offered in person or acting via Skype

LAVOIE offers acting for children and acting for adults , beginner thru advance. In addition, acting lessons via Skype worldwide or acting lessons on-line using Google+.

The LAVOIE main acting studio is located in Portland, Oregon.  Appointments are required.

Acting for children and Acting for Adults age 7 and up.

>>>>>>> Get UP and "ACT"! <<<<<<<

"Mastering Your Acting"

1 day workshop for film, TV and commercial acting

NOW offered as a PRIVATE session

in person or SKYPE call to get schedule!

or Start anytime with Private Coaching in person or via Skype

LA training without LA prices.

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******* NEWS UPDATE *******

GREENLIGHT given to "ANTHEM" --FOREST WHITAKER, who won a Best Actor Oscar for "The King of Scotland," has given a greenlight to "Anthem" through a collaborative film studio which he co-chairs, JuntoBox Films. The original name of this project was American Anthem - Short Track Speedskating that was made into a test film for the Amazon Studios contest.

All but one actor was trained by Coach Karen LaVoie for the test film.  This ended up being a "class" project with a lot of free training.  Some talent had no more than LaVoie's 8 hour -" Mastering Your Acting" workshop training.  Some talent was cast on the set, as talent that had been cast prior to LaVoie joining the project ended up being no-shows the day of shooting.

Joseph Daniel Jacobson, Spencer J. Jarman, Beto Angulo, Stephanie Meyer, Jean Mark Actress, Anita Smirna, Shania Sierra, ,Nick Dent and  Cara Boulton are the main talent in this test film.

Mark Vetanen ( Event One Video)  was contacted by John Carr, the writer to make the test movie.  Mark contacted Karen and a full length feature film -- test film was created. The test film  was made with a budget of less than $300. Karen LaVoie re-wrote the script in order for it to fit into a --no budget - budget.  Jean Mark and Shiloh Sierra were amazing making sure the talent was fed!

Thanks John Carr for the opportunity.

American Anthem - Short Track Speedskating Test... by John_Carr



ALERT: High School Seniors. Get your Auditioning materials
Prepared and POLISHED with Private Coaching.

>>>>>>> Get UP and "ACT"! <<<<<<<

"Mastering Your Acting"


Second Saturday each month

Portland - 9am - 5 pm

Get on LIST ASAP for Saturday workshops- I might offer one sooner !!! Studio: 503-244-0801


ACTING WORKSHOP...keep reading for information and enrollment!

I was interviewed about my acting insights. Watch video below.


Acting for Film, TV, Theatre and Commercials in Portland, Oregon and worldwide. On-going group acting classes, Private acting classes, PUBLIC SPEAKING & Acting Lessons On-line via Skype.

Available in English anywhere in the world including LA and NY

Karen LaVoie is probably the most talented and inspiring person I have every met!

I found her online randomly searching for an acting coach on Skype, to help me with my auditions for acting schools here in Australia. And to be honest, I was a little insecure of giving my money to someone I knew nothing about. But it was worth every cent.

Working with her on Skype is just like being physically face to face.

Not only does she teach you everything that you need to know to better yourself as an actor and really feel and become the character, she does it with so much love and compassion.

Karen has really brought out the best in me and inspired me in so many ways. I have never felt so confident and ambitious in my life!

Her teaching method and wisdom is PRICELESS!

Andrea Campbell Costa Lima - Gold Coast, Australia

teaching acting around the world!

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LAVOIE offers training year round for group acting classes on-line or in person.

LAVOIE  also offers  training for the performing arts, via private acting lessons offered in person or acting via Skype

LAVOIE offers acting for children and acting for adults , beginner thru advance. In addition, acting lessons via Skype worldwide or acting lessons on-line using Google+.

The LAVOIE main acting studio is located in Portland, Oregon.  Appointments are required.

When I moved to Oregon from the Los Angeles area to take care of my Grandmother the entertainment industry was booming in Oregon.

There were many people wanting to learn LA style acting and no one was teaching that information. I had taught acting classes in LA at the studio where I trained.  So, I saw a need in Oregon and filled it!


"Mastering Your Acting"


Second Saturday each month

Portland - 9 am - 5 pm

or send money order or drop off cash payment!

call NOW- LaVOIE Artistic Studio: 503-244-0801 ( landline )

LAVOIE Top Acting Studio in Oregon
By Denice Crow

OREGON — Karen LaVoie the owner and only coach at LAVOIE Studio has been in business since 1990 in the Portland area. When asked why she left LA and her acting career on the TV soap opera Young and the Restless, she replied, “I came up to the Portland area to take care of my grandmother. Once arriving here I realized the entertainment industry was growing and there weren’t any acting coaches teaching what I had learned in LA and I knew the LA market would demand the same level of professionalism and talent of local Oregonian actors. Plus, I love to teach!” She continued, “When I started my acting career in LA I was given a huge break right out of the door. So, there is a part of me that loves to help the serious actor be ready for LA while living in Oregon. and it helps Oregon actors look good and work!”

From visiting with Karen, I realized she is the most passionate acting coach if not person I have ever met. Not only is she a successful acting coach, she is a professional Keynote speaker and Life Coach. This gift is shared with all of her clients whether they take group acting classes or private lessons.

Since the entertainment industry is firing up for the 2010 year already, I felt it was important for me to share this insight with my readers. If you truly want to have an edge in the acting industry in Oregon or LA search no more. Karen LaVoie is a “one stop shopping” business. She covers all the bases for a person to truly have all the essential tools and knowledge for a successful acting career and be grounded at the same time. Karen mentioned she coaches people from the age of 7 years and older. Noting that acting is an excellent activity for pre-teens and teens!

Her business is located in SW Portland only 5 miles from downtown with easy access and free parking. Because of her location not only do her clients work in a studio setting but are able to do location shoots. Did I mention she also puts together professional footage so her clients have professional acting reels in their bag of goodies!

Group acting classes are starting up. For more information her website is:

ANOTHER ARTICLE IN THE NEWS: "Solid local training helps Oregon talent Succeed"


Everyone Has A Dream --Are You Fulfilling Yours?



>>>>>>> Get UP and "ACT"! <<<<<<<

"Mastering Your Acting"


Second Saturday each month

9 am - 5 pm

"Mastering Your Acting" -STUDIO in SW Portland off of I-5 and Terwilliger - EASY ACCESS and FREE parking

Here are just a few things I'll be sharing with you:

1. THE FUNDAMENTALS OF ACTING...The Meisner Tech. and MORE...very detail oriented instruction.
2. THE ART OF EMOTING (real emotions)
7. SCRIPT ANALYSIS: INCEPTION BIO -character breakdown - bio

YOU will be working on camera and reviewing that work. In addition, I will be teaching you about the business of acting and what you need to do on a daily basis to make sure that your career happens for you.

FREE acting workbook (PDF file) written by Karen LaVoie. Published in 2006 included in price. $29 value

Cash, money orders and checks accepted.

There are hundreds of actors in the Pacific NW that have successfully trained with me and working in the business.  Many in LA working. That all being said. 

I am once again excepting new students for PRIVATE COACHING. 



I am reducing my hourly rate to only $60 an hr. -Reg. $80 as long as you study with me for at least 2 hours a month.

You must be committed to training with me at least 3 hours  a month. 

Once you learn the basics, you can study with me via SKYPE VIDEO if traveling is an “issue”.

For those just wanting to polish up your auditioning materials and or materials for an acting job-- I AM your COACH too.

By the way, I prepare people for careers in LA.  The added bonus is I am still connected in LA and I am a Professional Life Coach. Not only will you be able to act and know the business – you will be prepared emotionally and mentally for your career in LA or where ever your heart DESIRES.

I am a full service acting coach offering: TRAINING  .   HEADSHOTS  .   RESUME   .   ACTING  REEL   .   MARKETING and so much more.

And YES, you will be working on camera so you can watch your work Acting reel for a reasonable fee.

WATCH Samples: Class Performances after only 4 months training

Call me to get started with YOUR CUSTOM MADE program. If you get my voicemail, PLEASE leave your information and a good time for me to call YOU. I appreciate CHECKS and CASH since my rates are so discounted as to save credit card fees.

My Skype address is: lavoie00 ( those are zero’s)  please let me know you are interested in acting when contacting me via Skype or I will block your address.

SPECIAL $60 an hour when using 2 or more a month.

non- refundable - 72 hour notice for rescheduling

Mckenzie Cowan on Days of Our Lives


ON-GOING CLASSES are the next step after you complete the "Mastering Your Acting" workshop or private sessions or a combination of both.

YOU now have the help and the guidance you are seeking to achieve YOUR dream! This is one of the few things you can do exclusively for SELF.


when using at least 2 a month.

non- refundable - 72 hour notice for rescheduling

 SHOOTING, shooting, Shooting in PORTLAND

LAVOIE is support the Oregon film acting industry by preparing professionally trained actors for “out of town” production coming into Oregon.

Let’s prove that Oregon Actors are worth hiring all the time!

Karen LaVoie's acting students are working on or have done roles on such TV shows as:

Portlandia, The Librarians, Z Nation,Netflix series...

Days of Our Lives
Lie To Me
Desperate Housewives
Intel, Heroes, Kroger, Legacy, On-Point, Reaper…just to name a few.

Has it been your secret dream to be an actor? Then NOW is the time to make it happen or just polish up your skills!

Get started TODAY

One time – All day workshop: which includes a self marketing program and SO MUCH description further down this page

Personalized Private coaching

Group acting classes

Personalized Mentoring Program

AFFORDABLE-Professional, High Quality headshots (same day service is available)

Professional LA style acting reels produced, edited and uploaded

Life Coaching: Avoid the sabotaging habits that actors fall into

Public Speaking: Coach business speakers

 For more information or to

or call LAVOIE: (503) 244-0801

Karen is looking forward to helping all her students train and prepare to take advantage of this great opportunity!


I am now accepting new students for private coaching. Whether you have ever acted or have professional experience does not matter.

 SPECIAL-- Private Coaching-Mentoring Services

Accelerates YOUR actors ability and gives YOU that extra edge in YOUR auditions and performances.   Plus, be given the insight into marketing. Coaching-Mentoring done in person, over the phone or video conferencing. Client is responsible for phone call.
Available as a Gift Certificate. Reg. price $80

Special $60  When using at least 2 a month.


I am accepting passionate, dedicated, determined and disciplined students. There are many benefits of private coaching. One-on-one attention includes: I will supply the wisdom for the skills, tools and mastery you require to be a polished performer and successful marketer. Plus, I include mentoring and guidance from my expertise as a professional LA actress, acting coach and Life Success Coach.

All session are done on camera for you to view, learn, enjoy and use. All scenes are LA scripts, your material for your auditions or jobs and or originals that can be used for your professional acting reel. Original scenes are shot with professional equipment so they may be added to your acting reel and or get you started.

I provide LA style edited reels for clients that can be uploaded on the top LA site for directors, producers and casting directors viewing and marketing. Plus, you are provided a link to send to anyone you want to view your reel, headshot and resume.

There is much, much, more I provide. For more information and or an interview call or email.

I nurture and praise anyone that I interview or that I coach. I am honest and supportive for your best good. I am a teacher/coach and mentor in hopes of serving the highest good. How may I serve you?


Karen LaVoie
Coach and LA Manager


"Hey Karen, wanted to give you an update on Sean’s casting workshop today. It was four “big” feature film offices in LA, so there were 4 CDs there who filled out critique sheets. He received all scores of “excellent”. And they all wrote brief quotes:

Good job!

Very talented actor!

Great Energy!

Good Job! Smart actor, understanding and playing character realistically!

These are the best scores and criticisms he’s ever received at an Actorsite workshop, and he’s done dozens of them. So I think this worked well to have you prep him. We’ll call you again.. I’m so relieved by how this went!" -Cheryl Holt / mom

p.s. Sean just landed a National commercial!


  SPECIAL: Private Coaching-Mentoring Services

Accelerates your ability and gives YOU that extra edge in YOUR auditions and performances.   Plus, be given the insight into marketing. Coaching-mentoring done in person, over the phone or video conferencing. Client is responsible for phone call.
Available as a Gift Certificate.


The standard in the acting industry is

..."actors get hired for 1 out of almost 50 acting audition -LAVOIE's first year students blew the "competition" away in 2007...they averaged 1 out of 2!" ...without the help of an acting agent or a degree from an acting school.

LAVOIE offers the most comprehensive, professional, leading edge, acting program with an affordable price!

WHY? so Actors do not have to starve in order to have the best training!

Let's Review you will be

Learning and or Mastering... 

Successful Auditioning     Confident Cold Reads
Creative Memorizations    A Professional Resume’
Profitable Self-Marketing  About a Compelling Headshot
See Yourself On Camera  
Yourself Confidence

Get Up and Act!

For all levels of acting.

Dear Karen *LaVoie* ~

"I just arrived home after attending your "Mastering Your Acting" workshop. I was blown away. This would be a bargain at twice the price -- and I am a bargain shopper. :)

I learned everything promised in the synopsis, and more. Not to mention the (very kewl, and more functional than I could have hoped for) custom designed workbook that will allow me to review the resources and techniques you taught us, and continue to work on my craft.

One of my biggest fears was going through the seminar as such a newbie. Now it is clear that the experience of participating with more seasoned actors *greatly* increased my learning opportunity. Your feedback to each of us was relevant, and specific, yet not derogatory or painful.

Thank you for this experience, I only wish I would have done it sooner."  
- E. C. Mathews

YOU Have a Dream...Living it Takes Action

Enroll Today - Fun Acting Workshop

acting workshop payment is non-refundable. Paypal, cash, checks, money orders and checks accepted.

$200 $150

Faith and Values in Acting...
Make a Positive Difference in the World

This is the year of "Being Masterful" for all LAVOIE students.  That is the motto and focus. Plus, we are allowing perfection to be!!!  Bring your faith into your acting career and experience the true meaning of abundance and gratitude. Note, the instructor does not teach religions instructor encourages you to acknowledge and live your faith in your career.


From the desk of Karen LaVoie

Since I have developed such a strong successful program that allows students to be professional, skilled and confident within hours or months, I say get out there and work after you have completed my "Mastering Your Acting"workshop. Isn’t that your dream?The more you work, the more you are motivated to train and grow. Yes!!

NOW…the most important fact is…GREAT success happens from combining talent and skill. Talent being the freedom to emote, be creative and THE CONFIDENCE to allow it to happen!!! Everything else is skill. Take the incredible product that you have created, “YOU” ,and top it off with excellent marketing skills and a great attitude…whaaalla! You are living your dream …this is why LAVOIE students succeed.

Frequently asked questions:

I've never acted before can you help me?

Yes. I work with beginners thru advanced actors all over the world. Not
only will I be coaching you I will be mentoring you ...telling you each step to take along the way and helping you make it happen. All the fear and confusion will be wiped away.

I already know how to I still need to take your "Mastering Your Acting" Seminar?

Good for you!  However, this workshop is for beginners thru advanced actors.  Why? Most actors have not mastered the fundamentals of acting and they hit a wall at some point and do not get any better.  Talent only takes you so far. It is like in the Olympics...they always say...oh, they missed that is a fundamental they should have known.  People who have trained for over 8 years say when they get done -" I should get a refund from all the other acting classes I have taken ...I learned more here today then all of them combined together!" Believe me, if you do not learn how to audition, cold read, do memorized scenes or market your self better, I will give you a refund.

Am I too old or too young to start acting?

NO.  How can I say that.  You start acting when you are ready!  Too young? People start when they are babies.  I do not have children under the age of 9
in my classes. Why?  they do not need a workshop.  They only need a private lesson to get used to being in front of a camera and strangers...the parents
require the lesson the most.  They should understand what they are getting into and how to be a good "stage parent".   Too old?  I have one client that started at 75.  She is having the time of her life.  Start when you are ready!  

Every time I think I am going to start I get scared!

I hear you.  Let me fill you in on a little secret.  There is no such thing  as stage fright! That's right.  That feeling you get that is going to make you sick...take it and acknowledge it as your talent, passion, creativity screaming to get out!!!!  You feel funny because that is what being alive feels like!  Let me help you master it!.

So Is Karen LaVoie still acting?

 I am a veteran L.A. film, TV and commercial actress who has coached for over 25 years.

In addition to being a working Actor, I am an Author, a Teacher and a Powerful Mentor whose students and graduates from my course, "Mastering Your Acting"™ ,enjoy an astounding 46% audition to job success ratio!

My career changing Course, "Mastering Your Acting"™ has proven so popular that I added a companion Course, entitled "Mastering Your World"™. This is a brilliant, forthright blueprint for releasing the YOU within the "controlled" you.

Modestly, I say- I am a much sought after Consultant and Speaker in the Business World. My approach shatters Corporate myths and inspires dynamic living, working, and creative risk taking.

I trained and lived in LA for 10 years and made my living doing National Commercials, TV shows and movies plus industrial films. I was working on Young and the Restless when I decided to move to Portland, Oregon to take care of my Grandmother in 1990. I quit my acting job on Y&R…little did I know I could have commuted back and forth…hindsight is great isn’t it?

Well, I realized very quickly there was no place and no one teaching what I
learned in LA and there are a lot of talented people training - learning old school information. Bummer! So I decided to open my own studio since I taught acting classes in LA where I was training.

Here I am 23 years later loving every minute of it! I love to help people fulfill their dreams. Whether it be in LA, Portland, Chicago, San Francisco, England, you name it. I had people in LA help me (me, a total stranger) make it! So, I like to pass on the same gift to my students that are serious about their careers.

   “The best $200 I have ever the past 20 years is on Karen LaVoie's "Mastering Your Acting" workshop!

I could kick myself that it took me OVER a year and a half to actually take the "Mastering Your Acting" seminar! So many excuses, so many (cough, cough) better places to spend the money. Believe me when I say "DO IT NOW!" Don't make the mistake I made and wait and wait and wait. Now, I can clearly see how I wasted my time and every one else's time in the past year and a half. Time is money, and I've clearly wasted a lot of it by not jumping in and going for it the moment my intuition told me to take Karen LaVoie's seminar more than a year ago!

Please learn from me and do it now, you will save yourself years and you will learn from an experienced professional who has learned all of the wrong and the right ways for us! You will gain decades of personal hard earned knowledge and experience......and be well on your eight hours!”                – Lauren Stocks, Oregon


"Karen taught me to achieve far beyond my perceived limitations"
-Angela Sweet: LA Actress - Dog Eat Dog






Tektronix industrial-principal
2 HP industrials-principal
Cupid- day player
Metabolize 2000-commercial
Right Love, Wrong Time - Day Player
First Person Singular - Regular
Suicide Isn't Painless - principal
Suicide Notes - principal
The Journey - lead



"I just want to thank you again for a fantastic seminar. I am so excited to get out and nail my next audition. The light bulb went on in the first two hours of the workshop. I stopped acting and started feeling and being. " -Kelly Jo Horton



"You truly are a gifted teacher ...actors make this
movie and you taught most of them"
-John Howbrook: Director - Queen Of Hearts



every actor requires an acting coach that is going to be their mentor…so I want to make sure we have that going for us and that you feel the same way. I GIVE 100% to every student that does the same.

The Friday Review
By: Ellananne Greotz
July 17, 2004

Interviewed: LA Talent Agency
..."Mastering Your Acting" ...ACTING ABSOLUTES
workbook is a gold mine... and so is Karen LaVoie's personal coaching..."Mastering Your Acting"~The LAVOIE technique -The Art of Emoting. Our clients have more then tripled their bookings in the last year. The industry standard is around a 2% conversion...our talent is now booking at least 50% of their auditions.

Why is Karen LaVoie's -LAVOIE program so successful? It teaches the fundamentals of acting masterfully. Not only that, it takes the actor into advanced acting techniques with ease and simplicity! My clients are delivering kick @#! performances!

Why spend years trying to be a working actor when the LAVOIE program trains actors to work while they are training. Stop wasting time, energy and money on expensive rip off acting schools or programs when you can work with a professional, genuine, passionate coach that gives more than any coach I know in the business and Karen knows her stuff!  Remember you must keep training."

How exciting!

You Already ARE Enough.
Start There!...

I deal with the Universal Laws of success -mastering yourself, constantly throughout my course"Mastering Your Acting"™. 

Hire me.. Then pay attention as we (Yes, We! Remember, I’ll be your coach AND mentor) …as WE work through the process of acting! (For those of you in other countries I have my courses for sale in the Products area of my site.) Let me say it one more time. My students enjoy at least a 46% rate of hire to audition ratio. Re-read that last sentence, please. Forty-Six percent!!! The industry standard is 2%.

I created "Mastering Your Acting"™  for YOU. Man! Woman! Child! If you attach the name Actor to yourself everywhere but at the bank loan department, I made this course of study just for you. Your Welcome. Now, learn, grow, do!"



Remember my ebook - it is the corner stone to your progress! 


  • Mastering Your Acting”…Acting ABSOLUTES is a Straightforward Step-By-Step hands-on personalized workbook that will guide you every step of the way to get your acting career paying–off like crazy.

    This amazing workbook ...

    • steps you through the preparations of being emotionally available, auditions, script preparations, callbacks, the job, terminology and marketing with simple and precise exercises, technique and information.

    • Save all of your call times, notes and marketing information right in this 3-ring binder! Add a "zipper pocket" and you just did away with the briefcase or purse…to us artists organization is a foreign word …this workbook almost does it for you!

    • Allows you to store your headshot and resume in an enclosed envelope pocket at the back of the binder…always prepared for those last minute opportunities!

    • Keeps your script and calendar private with a binder band so the workbook stays closed from prying eyes.

    • Reminds you before every audition what to expect and the professional questions to ask. Demonstrates steps and techniques through detailed outlines and examples…Plus cartoons!

    • Keeps a running database of all the people you have auditioned or work for…if you use the system.

    • Gives you Master worksheets to copy and keep on hand to assist you in asking the pertinent information before the audition and track your acting career.

    • Can be used over and over again.

THE PHYSICAL WORKBOOK IS SOLD OUT.  You will receive the PFD format to print and USE!

We have a journey before us, you and I. Why are we waiting to start on it?

In short, I have only one goal
                          ...I teach you how to be YOUR best!


Orcas-DUI - Principle
Drift- Supporting
Rough Crossing- Principle
The Touch - Lead
Parody of a Paradigm - Lead
Horizon- Lead

"It's been such a blessing to work and grow as an actor with Karen! She not only teaches you how to "BE" as an actor, but she shares from her wealth of knowledge about the business of the industry and motivates and supports you as an actor in the most positive way. Also, I had no idea I'd be working on my first union job so soon! Thanks Karen!" - Erick Custodio



$200 -- $150 for workshop
Success takes action!

Enroll Today for the Fun 8hr Workshop


payments are non-refundable

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