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  • Duration: On-Going or As Requested by client. Minimum 1-hour.
  • AGES: 7 and up
  • Location: In person, Skype and Zoom available. 
  • Highlights: Exculsive coaching with renown Acting Coach, Keynote Speaker and Revealer.
  • Cost: $80 hour / $65 hour when purchasing at least twice a month or minumum 2 hours.
LIFE COACHING is a term that society has embraced. Karen LaVoie is actually a REVEALER. She reveals what "programs" are running interference with a person's joy, clarity, accomplishments, relationships, finances, health... just to name a few.

All sessions with LaVoie are about the person in the session.  No cookie cutter programs and no "shrinking".  Once the person KNOWs the program exist, it is deleted. 

Yes, just like a omputer virus.  She reveals to you the KNOW how on how to rid your self of programming! External programming and internal programs that reside in the sub-conscious and sometimes in PLAIN SIGHT.

The person starts shifting back to TRUE SELF from the moment they start a session with Karen LaVoie. 

The person gains the know-how of revealing all the layers to the story called their life.

The person will explore the possibilites they can express and experience as more and more reveals! Experiencing the MOMENT and the confidence to KNOW. Eventually, free of questioning, struggling, conflict and suffering.

Do Life Coaching sessions benefit an actor?

Definitely! Performers, those in the spot light - center stage have dominate programs sabotaging them! Even when a performer is TALENTED and CONFIDENT the sub-conscious programs are lurking and waiting for the "right" opportunity to destroy/sabotage them!  

Do Life Coaching session improve a person's career?

Absolutely! Companies like Intel, Morgan Stanley, La-Z-Boy hire Karen LaVoie to coach employees and top brass of their companies,  LaVoie was also on ABC as a regular Life Coach until she decided to move on.

Is she talking about MIND over Matter?  Making the person's mind mentally stronger?  
Fake it to you make it?

No, No and NO! What Karen LaVoie offers has not been put into books or seminars or main stream information.  She  KNOWs what she KNOWS! So much so, she will refund a person's first session if they do not have any results.

How many hours required for results?

The first session the person will have results!  How many hours is dependent on the person. Some people have an hour and they are good to go. Some individuals want weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or when the "issue" arises sessions.  Entirely up to the individual!


CLAIM the MOMENT that reveals all the answers! - To thy OWN SELF TRUE revealed!

I want to begin by saying Karen has been a vital part of my early teenage years. I had so many issues and pain; some of which I didn’t even realize I was experiencing.

When I started taking acting classes, I was having difficulty allowing emotional availability for some of the roles. It was then where she would provide ‘life coaching’ and thank goodness for it! She was able to peel back, layer by layer, all the pain and get down to the root. There she would begin helping me heal.  

Afterwards I was able to completely allow myself BE the character without judgment or resentment. I cannot imagine achieving this without the life coaching.  

She offers the best of both worlds. You grow as a person and become a better actor simultaneously!  

It was through her coaching, I was able to book the speaking role for Grimm! Man what an awesome experience!! She called telling me there’s a role that fits me and to hurry over to her studio. I got there and did an intense emotion prep for the role.  

I then went to the casting call.  

I felt confident in myself and fully secured in the character.  

Her expertise was everything I needed in order to book the role.  

I appreciated that after every audition she would call me and we would talk about my experience.  
I highly recommend Karen LaVoie!!  

You will always leave her studio having learned something new!
 - Anita F.